Sunday, January 02, 2011

Manga Sushi-the story starts

This is an ongoing project that I started with my first son. This is more his project than mine, I merely write what he tells me and he approves most of my work. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have done yet. For me I just try to listen and to not be so precious with the work that it doesn't get done. It is hard but I try really hard not to steer the story. I do find that if I get confused I tend to ask pointed questions, for which he always has several answers.
Our project came out of a story I found. I was slightly horrified to hear about the children of one of my creative heroes (N.C.Wyeth). He is definitely an amazing and inspiring painter, but he was an absentee father. His children would wait at the door to his studio to catch a glimpse of him when he opened the door to pick up the tray of food his wife would leave for him or when he would place the empty plates back at the door. I have been guilty of getting wrapped up in my job and neglecting myself and those close to me, but after I heard this story and hearing several stories similar to this, I became more mindful. It's helped but it is still difficult for me.
One way of combating this is to include my family,when I can, and share my love of this field. If you are a creative parent I hope that you spend time nurturing it in your children whether they follow your footsteps or not. If you have other ideas or have done similar projects I would love to hear about them in the comments.


Ian said...

This was an absolutely beautiful read Brian and the story was definitely amusing. I hope your schedule allows for updates in the not too distant future. Take Care.

Brian McD said...

This is great, Brian. It's well done and it's a very cool project.

Brian McD said...

Oh, yeah, and it is really well structured story-wise. He understands structure.

aermio said...

this is great! your son has a knack for telling stories. the art work is great as well!

i've been struggling with ways to keep doing art since family takes up most of my time. i might have to try this out with the kids.

Colin Fix said...

This is the best! You guys make one heck of a team. Can't wait to see more.

Randy Bantog said...

Love this. Give your son a high five too. fun stuff!

Matt Gaser said...

LOL, omg this is hilarious! The last frame got me rolling:) Nice work BKO. Now that I'm a new father your points about raising children without neglecting them in light creative endeavors gave me pause. So, true... Need to include them whenever possible. Great project!

Jackson Sze said...

Haha! Awesome!

Phattro said...

More Manga Sushit please!!!

Carolyn said...

Very cute and cool project! Great art work Brian.

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Joel said...

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Grant said...

You know I felt so ashamed when I read about Rockwell, Cornwell and so many other illustrators that I admired.
I always wondered if I could become a master artist and still raise a family.

Then I read about Sorolla. Family man and amazing artist. And there are many modern examples too. Marcelo Vignali comes to mind and many more.

So I guess as artists we all must make that choice.

Glad you are doing this. I've been reading comics with my daughter at night. I realized that sharing my world and interests was a great way to keep me excited about bonding with her. Sounds selfish, but I realized that she loves to know about what I'm into. I think most kids want to know more about their parents.

bhashkar_suainlogistic said...

Then I read about Sorolla. Family man and amazing artist. And there are many modern examples too. Marcelo Vignali comes to mind and many more.

sketchup4architect said...

I appreciate the hard work you put into this.

El Taufan said...

Thanks for Sharing That... Sucses for You